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Couple on Blue Striped Chair

Flavor: Art

George Condo, Couple on Blue Striped Chair, 2005

This summer Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam is hosting a major exhibition of work by the American artist George Condo in Europe. ‘George Condo: Mental States’.

The show opens next week on June 25 and closes on September 25, 2011.

The Films of Guy Bourdin (1960s-1980s)

Flavor: Movies , Vintage

The Films of Guy Bourdin (1960s-1980s) on UBU web!


Ask a question on how to bleep

Sex dolls raft race

Flavor: Sex Toys and Gadgets

Men and their inflatable dolls competed in swimming race in Vilnius, Lithuania, to celebrate "National Men's Day".


See what you fancy

Flavor: Art

Andrea Pritschow, HP1e–HP62d, 2009–2011

Via art-magazin.

An opportunity not to miss

Flavor: Sex Works

The Museum of Sex, a forward thinking institution dedicated to opening discourse and exchange around the topic of human sexuality in New York City, is seeking detail-oriented design interns to assist in the development of various levels of design within the Museum from exhibition design to high-end packaging, print and web design for in-house collateral.

Dottie Lux and Velocity Chyaldd © Leland Bobbé

The ideal candidate will be a self-starter, have an interest in gender and sexuality, as well as a refined aesthetic sensibility. Applicants who have experience or interest in luxury markets are encouraged to apply. This is a chance to develop thoughtful, high-quality sexually related design content that is informed by scholarship and intellectual leadership.

Via core77.

Japanese scientists grow sperm in labs

Flavor: Japan

Scientists have grown sperm in the laboratory in a landmark study that could help preserve the fertility of cancer patients and shed fresh light on male reproductive problems.


Japanese researchers cultivated small pieces of tissue from the testes of baby mice on a gel bathed in nutrients. After several weeks they collected viable sperm from the tissue. The sperm appeared to be completely healthy and were used in IVF treatments to produce 12 live mouse pups that went on to have young of their own. Seven of the mice were born after sperm heads were transferred into 23 eggs using a technique called round spermatid injection, and another five were born after 35 eggs were fertilised using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (Icsi), a common IVF procedure.

Importantly, the scientists retrieved healthy sperm from tissue that was cultivated after being frozen for up to 25 days, suggesting that cold storage did not harm the cells. The work, reported in the journal, Nature, is the most successful attempt yet to grow mammalian sperm from testicular tissue in the laboratory.

Allan Pacey, a senior lecturer in andrology at Sheffield University, said: "It is not totally clear how sperm are formed and why in some men it doesn't work properly. This could help discover new drugs or treatments to stimulate infertile men to produce more or better sperm. It also may help preserve the fertility of some males."

The penis map

Flavor: How to , Studies and Surveys

To whom it may concern...
Single? Need a holiday? Chose your next destination with the help of this map colored-coded according to the average penis size of every country.


Via Jezebel.

Porn made for women, by women

Flavor: Porn

The Guardian has an article about what sets porn shot by female directors apart.


More trailers and extracts on Lust.

The milky way

Flavor: Photography


Fluffy Lychees brought you this work by Ludmila Foblová.

Happy campers

Flavor: Photography

Noami Harris, Drinking Franzia / Swingstock / Black River Falls, WI, 2003

From the series, Naomi Harris: America Swings.

The garter that texts if your lady is unfaithful

Flavor: Fashion , Sex Toys and Gadgets

Look what i found in the "Science" pages of the Daily Fail!

The 'Chastity Garter' comes equipped with a hidden microchip which can spot a rapidly rising pulse rate as well as surface moisture levels on the skin. As soon as these apparent signals of sexual stimulation occur a text message is sent to alert the woman's husband or boyfriend.

Cynics might also argue that all a cheating woman has to do is take the garter off - but it can't be removed without an automatic text message being sent.

Priced between £60 and £75, the band is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Edward and Lucinda Hale. They came up with the idea after infidelity threatened their own relationship.

Mr Hale said: 'A few years ago our relationship nearly fell apart when Lucinda cheated with another man. She told me how much she regretted it and wished there was a way of removing the temptation by making the act of straying impossible to go through with. So we set about designing a product which would help us - and more importantly help millions of other couples around the world in need of extra reassurance that their wife or girlfriend is being chaste.'


Mr Edward, who runs website with his wife, added: 'The business has been a roaring success. A gypsy businessman even came to our warehouse wanting to buy 100 garters for cash to sell on to the travelling community at fairs and weddings - so we were more than happy to oblige.'

The Chastity Garter has two designs - Chastity Lace and Chastity Silk.

If that's just another ploy to have women wear garters, it's a bit of a lame one.....

Image of the day

Flavor: Art

Damien Deroubaix, Siege of power, 2002

Vibrator in a lamp

Flavor: Design , Sex Toys and Gadgets

"Love the Bird," by designer Marc Dibeh, is a lamp with a sex toy stowed in its side. A red bird perched on a vibrator doubles up as a sex toy and a switch for the lamp.

Thef Lebanese designer wanted to create a household object with a sex toy hidden within the design, so it wouldn't raise too many questions in Middle Eastern houses.



Via gizmodo.

Image of the day

Flavor: Images , Vintage


This little guy probably gave photo classes to Terry Richardson.

Via boingboing.

A xmas surprise

Flavor: Videos

(via the guardian.)

Porn without Porn

Flavor: Photography , Religion


This way!